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In classic Dragon Warrior fashion, all the steps and clues to make your way through this game are available by talking to the NPCs found in the castle and towns. Many of them are very subtle and take a fair amount of deducing. Understandingly, this can be pretty frustrating to some players. Therefore this guide can be used as a resource to smoothly make your way through the game without too much difficulty and searching.


Lockhart Area - Recommended Lv: 1


Your quest begins in Lockhart Castle where you have volunteered to service your kingdom and home by going on a journey to defeat Lord Devmin who stole the sacred Divine Sceptre. Take the chests available to you and begin talking to people.


Inside the castle, the general population will tell you the basic story of Lord Devmin’s uprising. More importantly though, you’ll learn that the prince of the kingdom took it upon himself to journey to defeat Lord Devmin and has not been heard from since.

Leave the castle and to the immediate west you’ll see a town called Tannery. In Tannery you can buy your equipment (Don’t forget to equip them in the main menu). In the town you’ll learn two key pieces of information. A guard in the northwest corner tells you that there are two other villages nearby. One to the west and one to the east and that the monsters to the east are fairly less fierce. The wizard on the island to the northeast tells you about a cave to the south that contains an ancient treasure. That’s your first destination. After some training of course. Stick around Lockhart and Tannery killing Slimes, Red Slimes, and the occasion Digger.

Lockhart Cave - Recommended Lv: 3


Journey south and slightly west so you are to the west of a mountain range. You will soon find a cave. Traverse the cave until you find the one and only treasure chest. Inside you will find a Red Stone. Muy importante.

Uncas Area - Recommended Lv: 4


To the far east of Lockhart is the town of Uncas. There are two paths there, a northern path and a southern path. The northern path is shorter yet there is a poison swamp to trudge through which is not recommended at this level.


In Uncas you will learn of a an ancient tomb the town was built on top of as well as a popular fishing spot at a near by peninsula. Both come into play later in the game.


There is a shrine to the north of Uncas. The man there isn’t that nice. But this is an important place. Other than that, Uncas is a good place to grind.

Headwaters Area - Recommended Lv: 5


After checking out Uncas, now is the time to go west from Lockhart. Cross the bridge to the west then journey all the way south and you will find the village of Headwaters. Here you will get some background on the Wizards. More importantly you will learn of a large city to the north that has been under siege by Lord Devmin.


If you go exploring you will discover a cave to the west. It is a good idea to wait a little while before venturing into this cave.

Sagamore Area - Recommended Lv: 7


Journey north of Headwaters and cross the bridge. Monsters will get increasingly difficult from here so having the spell SLEEP is a good idea. Much further north you will see a town surrounded by water. This is Sagamore. When you enter you will encounter a surprise attack by a Panther (the city is under siege remember?!). Put him to sleep and hopefully you will survive his attack. Once you defeat the Panther you can enter and exit Sagamore freely.

The people of Sagamore contain a lot of vital information. You will learn of 3 wise men who are living descendents of the Wizards who contain vital information to defeating Lord Devmin. There is one wise man living to the north of Sagamore. You’ll also learn of the holy continent to the east which is accessible via a tunnel to the north east. And you’ll learn of a town that has been destroyed by Lord Devmin. Most importantly there is a man who sells Magic Keys which are vital from here on out in the game.


Sagamore is a great place to grind. Monsters are strong and give a lot of experience and gold. Sagamore also has many powerful weapons and armor to buy.

Deep Cavern Cave - Recommended Lv: 9


Remember that cave west of Headwaters? When you learn Radiant and have gotten comfortable slaying Owlmen, Vultures, Warlocks, and Pawns, now is a good time to check it out. Inside are some various treasure chests. If you have a magic key, you’re journey will be a little shorter. If not, then your trip to the treasure might be a little longer. This cave is a good diversion from the grinding.


After checking out the cave and leveling up a level or two, go visit the wiseman to the north of Sagamore. He will tell you the tale of the Sacred Stones and their role in defeating Lord Devmin. As well as the location of the next stone which he says is buried in an ancient tomb. Wasn’t a previous town you had visited built on a tomb????

Tomb of Uncas - Recommended Lv: 12


Uncas! Return to Uncas to find this tomb. However on your way, open the eastern door at Lockhart castle. You will learn about a creature called the Guardian and its weakness to a medallion. There is a man that also talks about seeing something while fishing at a peninsula. Didn’t Uncas have a popular fishing spot?


You also will learn more about the Prince’s disappearance. Apparently he’s been snooping around the castle vault. Unlock the northern door, cross the dangerous barriers, and go down into the castle vault. Push against the wall in the southern east corner and you will find the vault. The treasure chest there contains the Scrolls.


Reading the Scrolls will tell you the story of how the Wizards separated their prize possessions to keep them away from Lord Devmin. It also contains strange coordinates from the holy mecca to a mysterious item that’ll prove your worth to the Wizards. Okay…


Leave the vault and go to the north exit of the castle but make sure not to leave. Walk west along the wall of the castle and you’ll find a man hanging out by the water. He contains a vital piece of information. He claims to know how to enter the tomb of Uncas. “Search the grave that lies between two trees”.

Go to Uncas and open the door to the south. Here are the ruins. However there are no trees. One person says he feels there should be more than what is seen. Go south from the stone on the right and push against the black and you’ll find more of the ruins. All the way to the west you’ll find a stone/grave that has two tree tiles on either side. Search between them to find a secret stairway. This is the tomb. Journey down and you’ll find the Green Stone.


Before you leave Uncas, remember hearing about that object at the fishing spot near by? Check out the peninsula to the north west, there you will find a medallion.

Cave to Darby - Recommended Lv: 13


Journey back to Sagamore and take the east bridge found to the north. Keep venturing east and you’ll find a cave. This cave will take you to the holy continent. Warning, don’t let curiosity get the better of you. If you open the door you’ll discover a tough baddy guarding that tantalizing treasure chest. Wait a little while.


Go through this short little cave and you’ll be on the holy continent.

Darby Area - Recommended Lv: 15


Darby is a holy town with a temple. In Darby you will hear that the prince of Lockhart had came this way and had been searching for something. To enter the temple, go to the bottom corners and push against the walls. Inside the temple you will find a man that tells you about some scrolls given to the king of lockhart castle. Well, guess who already found those scrolls. But he also tells you that this temple is the location from which your trek to find that important item will begin.

Also inside this temple you will find a better weapon and armor store as well as another location to buy keys.


There is a gentleman in the southeast corner of the town that says he used to live in the near by town of Santanoni. He says that he used to play in a basement behind his house and is wondering what has happened to it. Remember this.


If you go exploring to the northwest of Darby, you will find a shrine which is home to another wise man. This wise man is in possession of the final stone! However, he won’t give it to you until you prove that you are worth of the Wizards. It’s time to find that item that’ll prove your worth.

Santanoni - Recommended Lv: 17


Cross the bridge to the north of Darby and continue east. You will see a town. The town has been destroyed so this must be the one you heard about in Sagamore and Darby. There is a house in the northwest corner of town. Waiting for you is… the Guardian! But wait! Didn’t he have a weakness to a medallion? You have a medallion! Use it and freeze the Guardian so you can beat him up with no fear of retaliation.

After you have defeat the Guardian, proceed behind the house. If this is the house the man in Darby was referring to, then there is an enterence to a basement somewhere. Search the area as far north and west as you can go and you’ll find some hidden stairs. There’s the prince! He tells you how grateful he is that you found him and that he will be waiting for you at the castle to tell you how thankful he is.


Return to the castle and open the door to the princes room. He gives you a compass that will help you find the object described in the scrolls. Return to Darby, cross the bridge to the north, and travel south. The southern area of the continent is a bit of a maze but you’ll find your way with the help of the compass. Go to the coordinates stated in the scrolls (12 leagues south and 12 leagues east of Darby) and search. You have found the Wizard’s Code! Return to the shrine northeast of Darby and show the Wizards Code to the wise man and he will give you the final White Stone.

Unfinished Business - Recommended Lv: 18


Before you continue on to Devmin’s Castle, there is some stuff to do. Now that you should have Healmore by now, go back to the Cave to Darby and defeat the Stoneman defending the Enchanted Shield.


Also, there’s a man in Darby that spoke of the area to the south being a thriving area for Wizard kind and that other artifacts might be found there. Return there and search the southwest swamp and you’ll find something very useful.


Now, go to the shrine north of Uncas.

Lord Devmin - Recommended Lv: 20


The shrine north of Uncas is the shrine where the Sacred Stones alters reside. Now that you have all the stones, the alters are now colored in and that rude wise man won’t be so rude. Using the power of the Sacred Stones, the wise man will create for you, the golden key. Use that Golden Key to open that Golden Door and make your way to Lord Devmin’s island.

Lord Devmin’s castle is long and confusing. Deep inside you will find the Enchanted Sword, the most powerful weapon in the game. There are many powerful monsters here. But when you become strong enough, it is time to face off against a very powerful and very magical Lord Devmin.


If you defeat him, you will receive the Divine Sceptre and restore peace to the land. Return to Lockhart castle and watch the ensuing ending. And your journey is over.


Or is it?

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