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Centuries ago the ancient and powerful Wizards ruled the lands. Then the evil Lord Devmin stole the sacred Divine Sceptre and began his rebellion, destroying the powerful civilization. Now his sights are on complete domination, with the human race facing the same fate. You are the last hope the human race has against the powerful Lord Devmin.


This section feature in-depth information, maps, and other resources about Dragon Warrior Classic. Use it to help your journey to defeat the vile Lord Devmin along. Also be up to date in current news regarding this game.



7/31/15 - Revamped Website Launched!


  • Welcome to the newly and fully revamped Dragon Warrior Classic website! Website features new easy navigation for in-game sections and material.


7/31/15 - New Screenshots Added


  • New screenshots have been added to the screenshots sections. DWC screenshots definitely needed an upgrade.










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