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200 years ago, using the power of the Divine Sceptre, the Hero of Lockhart made a prophecy. A long-lost Goddess will be reborn as a human child, and that this child will bring the rebirth of the powerful Wizard civilization. When the evil being Urekrol heard of this prophecy, he vowed to find the child Goddess, and to harness her power to enslave the world and all of human-kind. Your childhood friend has been kidnapped by Urekrol, as she is suspected to be that Goddess. Now that you are of age, journey across a vast land and sea, recruiting allies as you go, to find and rescue your friend.


This section feature in-depth information, maps, and other resources about Dragon Warrior Classic 2. Use it to help your journey to defeat the vile Urekrol along. Also be up to date in current news regarding this game.


8/21/19 - Dragon Warrior Classic 2: MAPS ADDED!

  • Sincerest apologies for not doing this a LONG time ago, but all MAPS for Dragon Warrior Classic 2 have been added!

       DWC2 - Maps

10/7/17 - Dragon Warrior Classic 2 NOW AVAILABLE!!!


  • After 5 (yes 5!) painstaking years with much help and assistance from many wonderful helpful, DWC2 is finally finished and ready for play by you fine people! Hope you enjoy!

       Download DWC2


4/29/17 - Dragon Warrior Classic 2 Trailer!


  • Check out the Dragon Warrior Classic 2 Trailer Also has been added to the newly created Video section in the DWC2 page.


  • DWC2 Trailer

3/29/16 - DWC2 testing officially underway


  • Testing on Dragon Warrior Classic 2 has officially begun! Stay tuned for more announcements leading up to the release. Trailer coming soon!


7/31/15 - Revamped Website Launched!


  • Welcome to the newly and fully revamped Dragon Warrior Classic website! Website features new easy navigation for in-game sections and material.


7/31/15 - Dragon Warrior Classic 2 Section Added


  • Dragon Warrior Classic 2 section has been added. Visit it to find information about the sequel to Dragon Warrior Classic. So far subsections include download links to the demos and screenshots. After DWC2's full release, please check back as information subsections will be added periodically.


7/31/15 - New Screenshots for DWC2











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